What Is Zenless Zone Zero? 

What You Should Know About HoYoVerse’s Next Mobile Game

HoYoVerse is working on Zenless Zone Zero, an action RPG and rouge-like hybrid. The developer announced the game back in May 2022.

Zenless Zone Zero is an action RPG that plops players in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by Hollows.

What Is Zenless Zone Zero About?

The game is set in an urban world called New Eridu, which is implied to be one of the few, if not only, human settlements in the world of Zenless Zone Zero.

When Will Zenless Zone Zero Be Released?

There is currently no known release date for Zenless Zone Zero; however, some HoYoVerse fans had access to the game’s closed beta.

Who Do We Play As in Zenless Zone Zero?

The players and player characters of Zenless Zone Zero are called Proxies. Proxies in Zenless Zone Zero serve as guides and bodyguards for individuals entering the Hollows.

There is a female Proxy (Belle) and a male Proxy (Wise) for players to choose from. The Proxies are introduced as siblings and co-owners of a movie store called Random Play.

Zenless Zone Zero currently has five known playable factions which compete for Ether. These are Belobog Heavy Industries, Gentle House, OBOLS Squad, Victoria Housekeeping and Section 6.

Zenless Zone Zero Factions

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