Which Religion Is Right for Me?: A Quick Guide to Finding a Religon That Fits You

For some of us, there comes a point where we begin to question the direction in which our beliefs are developing and how that comes into alignment, with our religious community.

If you’re going through the religious deconstruction, here’s a quick guide on how to look for a new religion.

Identify Your Core Beliefs

Grab a pen and paper and start digging into your assumptions about the world, spirituality, and existence.

Some of the things you might want from a religion include community, aesthetics, ceremony and ritual, mission and lifestyle.

Figure Out What You Want From a Religion

The ones listed here are religions that believe in a higher power of some kind and keep a certain set of beliefs.

Explore Your Religious Options

Baháʼí Faith. The Baháʼí Faith has its roots in Babism, a religious movement that originated in Iran and was established by Sayyid ‘Ali Muhammad.

The Tres Potencias. The Tres Potencias is a syncretic religion that mixes Venezuelan Indigenous beliefs with African and Catholic religions. 

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