Why Video Games Are So Good at Existential Horror

When video games were first made, they weren’t made with storytelling in mind. Now, there are video games with the ability to tell a deeper story that, as pretentious as it sounds, connects with players on a human level.

Existential horror evokes fear by making its audience question the foundations of their reality – the meaning of life, whether there’s a point to whatever they’re doing every day.

You don’t have to go turn to video games and films to see existential horror at work. You’ll find it looming over the quiet moments when you really think about your life.

How Video Games (Literally) Put Us in Horrific Situations

By getting us to identify with our in-game persona on a psychological level, an existential horror video game has the potential to horrify us to a greater magnitude.

Existential horror video games play on our fears of lack of meaning and sense in our lives and larger reality. It leave us with an inexplicable feeling of dread.

Why Existential Horror Video Games Terrify Us, According to a Counselor

Existential Horror Games Don’t Have A Fixed Shape or Form

Gamers can’t seem to agree on what counts as part of a subgenre when comes to the more subjective subgenres of horror like psychological horror and existential horror.

It could be chalked up to how different games will inspire feelings of existential horror in us.

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