Your 2023 Tarot Card of the Year Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Tarot card of the year readings are everywhere this January, but did you know your zodiac sign has a fixed tarot card it corresponds to?

Occult practices like tarot and astrology speak the same symbolic language which is why it comes as no surprise that certain tarot cards correspond to zodiac signs and elements.

Your zodiac sign’s corresponding card and tarot card for 2023 can serve as a touchstones for the events of the coming months.

Aries: Five of Cups

While you may feel pressured to keep up appearances to achieve your goals and support the ones you love, it’s okay to acknowledge that you get tired too.

Symbolizing victory and will power, The Chariot together with your 2023 card Queen of Pentacles, means you are in a position to have your cake and eat it too.

Cancer: Queen of Pentacles

2023 can be the year you channel your Strength beyond yourself by embodying The Empress and using your abundant energy to nurture others.

Leo: The Empress

With Virgo’s card of the year being The Sun, it may be openness to your inner message that brings you renewed vitality and childlike happiness this year.

Virgo: The Sun

The King of Wands isn’t just a man of ideas but a man of action. He knows what he wants to create and has a plan to make it happen and he’s you.

Sagittarius: King of Wands

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