10 Best Games to Play if You Like It Takes Two

Co-op games are fun, but you know what’s more fun than that? Local co-op games where you get to blame your playmate face-to-face if things don’t pan out.

It Takes Two is a game made with local co-op in mind and it requires two players sharing a split-screen in order to be played.

Today, we prescribe the following video games if you like It Takes Two.

A Way Out

A Way Out is more mature in its storytelling since it’s a prison break story between two inmates who forged a bond together in order to escape.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is similar in theme to A Way Out. However, the graphics are much cuter and the premise is more tender.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons

The goal of the game is to unlock some story tidbits of the world around you while platforming your way around the dangerous and messy human world.

Unravel Two

Portal 2 was one of the most notable video games past the year 2000 to popularize or even revolutionize the idea of couch co-op or local co-op.

Portal 2

Grounded is a survival RPG which takes more time and effort. It takes place in a suburban backyard/garden where the protagonists have shrunk.


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